Hi stranger! This is Ericka . Well, basically this is my secondary blog. I turned my main blog into a photoblog! :) It is a place where I release my inner strengths and weaknesses . CHOS! :)

I am sooo random here! :) So bare with me :”)

I’ve just finished setting up a small company using Merchant Warehouse, and Volusion to develop an e-commerce store and accept credit card payments, it’s pretty rad. I’m going to sell hair products to all my friends. Together they offer us the best merchant services available so I’m really excited.

So I recently won this new book in a radio station giveaway.

Why am I giving it away? Because I already have the same computer and don’t want to go through the time of moving over music, photos, files, contacts, applications, etc.

So instead I thought i’d give it away to one of my followers.

Rules: You must be following me


WOOO!! Im lovin my new domain!!!!